Corporate Profile

GBAD Services Pte Ltd (GBAD) is one of the advanced centers in Singapore, providing both field and laboratory testing.  We have achieved BCA ISO 9001:2008 certification, SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratory, NEA Consultants for Site Assessment and Bizsafe certification.  With a fully automated laboratory equipped with advanced machineries and managed by a team of highly qualified professionals, GBAD has the capability to meet the most stringent requirements.


Back in 1968, GBAD, then known as Soil Investigation Unit (SIU), was first set up by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC).  This was at the time when JTC began its work on the Jurong Town Industrial Estate to convert remote tidal swamplands, fish and prawn ponds, some islands and marginal rubber estates in the southwestern most part of Singapore Island into an Industrial Estate.

Due to the company’s reorganization, GBAU was privatized to form GBAD Services Pte Ltd in 29 September 2005.  Although the company was divested in 2005, GBAD has had a long history, having functioned as a unit under JTC, Jurong International, and SMM.